You are probably looking at this website because you own a boat and are either a) interested in storage, b) interested in moorings, c) in need of repairs or d) you may even be looking to buy a boat.

Well…you have come to the right place….but I am hoping to give you some information in this blog that really has nothing to do with the business and is all about us.

“Us” means the owners of the Storage and Marine Services Ltd. or SAMS as we like to call our business.

We are Shane Matthews and Andrea Clarke (soon to be Mrs Matthews – yay!).

Only 6 months ago our life was very different.

Shane runs a building business in Plymouth. He is a highly skilled tradesman and qualified in several areas, ranging from gas safety engineering and plumbing to electrics and carpentry. So you see he is pretty useful. He also knows a lot about boat building. One of his first jobs in his younger years was in boat repairs and laminating.

Whereas I am of no use whatsoever when it comes to building…I am quite fast on the computer though and enjoy writing and admin stuff. I am also a (non-practicing) lawyer and run a business in legal translation.

So one evening in May of this year, Shane rang me from work and said he had something important to ask me. I couldn’t wait for him to get home, I was so excited. What could it be? I didn’t know whether to dress up for the occasion…I put on a nice dress and did my hair, you know…just in case.

He walked through the door in his work clothes. He had a huge grin on his face and was carrying a big white envelope…. He sat down at the table and I made him a drink, trying to hide my excitement and trying not to be impatient.

He sat for what seemed like ages and then he finally popped the question:

“Andrea, will you… buy a boatyard with me?”

Little did we know that we would have to overcome many hurdles before that dream would finally become reality. Read on next week to find out more.